Why Are You Here?

You are probably reading this because you have at least one of three problems.

  1. You need to create a marketing plan and you simply don’t know where to start. You are feeling confused between all the different options you have heard about … Social Media marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram stories, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and so on … where the hell do I start?
  2. You have already started marketing your business, spent a lot of time … and maybe some money or even a lot of money, but you are simply not getting the results you need. You are both angry with yourself and worried because this situation can’t go on.
  3. You have been paying someone else to do your marketing for you and it seems expensive for the return you are getting. Your agent or ‘experts’ give you a lot of explanation but you don’t have the background knowledge to be sure you are not being given the run around by a prime BS artist.

It's Like Learning To Drive

Learning how to do a marketing strategy is remarkably similar to a teenager learning to drive a car. In some cases the whole concept seems complicated and is going to be something that is going to have to be mastered. For some others (usually the boy racer types), they think its going to be easy … the steering wheel changes direction, the right pedal is for more speed, the middle pedal slows you down and the left is just pressed when you want to change gear etc. If my 80 year old granny can do it then I sure as hell can too!

But as soon as you put them in the car for the first time … they stall it … the next time the engine is screeching and they slowly move off and then bunny hop the car down the road until they get going etc.

When they can control it … then they need to know about the rules of the road … a whole new level of learning.

It is tempting to think that doing a marketing strategy is pretty easy. You see lots of other people doing it, you already use Facebook so it can’t be that difficult.

Well you’re right, it’s not that difficult … but you do need to be taught the basics. 

If you want to teach yourself to drive, go on ahead but you’ll burn out a clutch and have a couple of fender benders before you are actually somewhere close to competent. 

Save yourself that cost and heartache and get some lessons!

What You Will Learn

We teach you how to grow your own Marketing Strategy.

Like driving a car there are some pretty basic processes that you need to understand. They are not that difficult but when you do them for the first time you won’t get them perfectly right. So to start with you need to take it slowly and practice it in a safe space.

Thus the course is made up of ten basic steps that you can complete in your own time. There are homeworks for each step and all the swipe files and templates you need are included. 

At the end you will have your first, proper marketing strategy, that you have developed for your business and that you can start implementing, straight away

You will also have all the tools you need to do all that other wonderful stuff that you have heard others talking about … for example you will know how to accurately forecast how much money you will make, when and, most importantly, why.

Maire McGrath
Maire McGrath

Resilience and Well Being Consultant

“Guy's 'Grow Your Own Marketing Strategy' course simply sorted my head out by giving me structure to the effort I was putting into promoting my business.

Now I spend much less time on marketing but my results continue to improve month by month.”

Yvette Fulton

Life Coach

"It took me more than 5 years planning my business and then when I finally launched I realised that I simply hadn't thought about how to get real, paying customers. It was heartbreaking!

The GYOMS course gave me a plan to work to

with measurable results and now I am up and running as a proper business!"

John Beattie
John Beattie

CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency

"This is such a simple way to organise a marketing strategy that we have had Guy train all our account handlers and now we apply it to all our clients.


Amongst many other things, this means

we get a much clearer brief, so we do much better work and the client gets even

better results!"

About The Author And Creator Of This Course

Guy Bucknall has been a marketer for more than 25 years. His major client list includes British Airways, Lanson Champagne, Forte, Panasonic and many more.

But he has also built and sold two businesses of his own 'from the ground up' and in 2015 he was asked to join the Entrepreneurs In Residence team at Catalyst Inc. In this role he was worked and mentored multiple other start ups and early stage businesses, from a broad range of categories including agri-food, sports technology, green energy lighting, design agencies etc.

This 'Grow Your Own ...' series of courses is based on Guy's first hand knowledge and has developed directly from the strategies that he and his teams have devised, implemented and evolved since 1994.

Get Some Sleep!

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I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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